"A Botanical Artist in South China 1972 - 1983"

An exhibition of original water-colour paintings of living specimens of the wild flowers of Hong Kong and Guangdong by Beryl M. Walden. A.T.D.

2008.02.21 - 2008.03.13
University Library Exhibition Hall
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Bombax ceiba
(English Name: Cotton Tree)

Harbour view mansions, Peak Road H.K. March 1979
(large deciduous tree growing in public places and gardens, up to 25m high with Knobby trunk)

Caesalpinia Bonduc

Ding Hu Shan
(Near the Botanical Institute, West River)
Guangdong Province, South China
April 1982

Mussaenda erosa

Ding Hu Shan Nature reserve, West River
Growing at the edge of woods throughout South China
(Vine-like shrub)

Pyrenaria championii

Found in Hong Kong and Yunnan Province
Beautiful evergreen tree growing in wooded valleys

For Medical Use
Alpinia katsumadai
(now A. hainanensis)

Botanic Garden
Guangzhou, S. China
May 1980

Cassia javanica
(English Name: Pink Shower)

Outside Department of Public Work main office block,
Garden Road
Beautiful ornamental tree about 20m tall,
widely cultivated in South and East Asia

Hemerocallis fulva

Tai Mo Shan
(among tall grasses on the hillside
above the Camellia granthamiana;
not before found growing in the wild in H.K.)
October 1982

Ixora chinensis

In hillside woods in the New Territories,
painting made at Ding Hu Shan, West River

Calanthe formosana
(Old Name: C. patsinensis)
(English Name: Yellow Calanthe)

Terrestrial orchid growing on banks of shady streams
at high altitude found on Pat Sin Range, New Territories

Cephalantheropsis gracilis
(English Name: Slender Yellow Orchid)

Pat Sin Range and throughout South China
(A tenestincal orchid growing along streams
at about 900–1000m high . Winter flowering)

Bauhinia blakeana

Country Club
Deep Water Bay
November 1977

Bauhinia purpurea

December 1978