"A Botanical Artist in South China 1972 - 1983"

An exhibition of original water-colour paintings of living specimens of the wild flowers of Hong Kong and Guangdong by Beryl M. Walden. A.T.D.

2008.02.21 - 2008.03.13
University Library Exhibition Hall
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Biography of Mrs. Beryl M. Walden

Beryl M. Walden studied at the Birmingham College of Art, specializing in mural painting. After studying in Florence, Italy, she returned to join the College staff. Later she taught at Headington School Oxford, Belilios Public School Hong Kong and Northcote College of Education, Hong Kong.

Since 1970, Mrs. Walden has specialized in watercolour studies of wild flowers of Hong Kong, South China, mid China and Yunnan Province. She has visited China every year since 1978 to paint wild flowers from living specimens.

Each year, the artist visits the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London. In the 1980s, she regularly visited the South China Botanical Institute and Gardens in Guangzhou to confer with botanical colleagues. Mrs. Walden and Professor S.Y. Hu have worked together for over 30 years. They have published two books on the wild flowers of South China and Hong Kong.